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History of MCE Montex

1983 - active as a sideline working group
1990 - company establishment as a private entity
2005 - transformation into shareholder's company
2007 - MCE Industrietechnik became a new shareholder of Montex 

2008 - change of legal form from a.s. to s.r.o.


History of MCE Industrietechnik Slovensko

1976 - Established as Plant 05 (part of JCP Štúrovo) in order to produce spare parts and specific                             components of machines for both own company and other pulp and paper factories in Slovakia

1976-95 - Spare parts production and providing maintenance services, mainly for JCP Štúrovo and for the               paper industry in Czechoslovakia

1995 - STROJPAP a.s. was established (100 % owned by JCP Štúrovo)

1997 - AssiDomän (Sweden) bought the shares of JCP Štúrovo

1998 - AssiDomän’s Central maintenance workshops were transferred to STROJPAP a.s.

2000 - Decision about selling the shares of STROJPAP to strategic partner

2001 - Kappa, Inc./NL bought the shares of AssiDomän Štúrovo

2002 - MCE VOEST bought the shares of STROJPAP a.s.

2003 - Change of legal form from Strojpap a.s. to Strojpap s.r.o.

2004 - Change of trade name from Strojpap s.r.o. to MCE Industrietechnik Slovensko, s.r.o.



2009 - Merger of companies MCE Montex, s.r.o. and MCE Industrietechnik Slovensko, s.r.o. and change                 of the business name to MCE Slovensko s.r.o.

2010 - Integration MCE to BIS Group and change of trade name from MCE Slovensko s.r.o. to BIS                         Slovensko s.r.o.


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